Sales Thought: Don’t Fall into Outdated Sales Behavior Traps

To Many “Hard Core” Sellers, the above is Heresy.

“I am a great Seller, how dare you tell me that I can’t do what I have been doing. ‘The Hard Sell’ is what I do.”

Fill in the Blank here – Hard Sell, Hard Close, Hard Push, etc.  All are Standard, but outdated Sales Techniques.

For all Sales Managers/Executives: Do you really think that your Sellers are not trying to do all they can to bring in all the business they can?  I doubt it, I really do.  If that is the case, you have a Hiring Problem, not a Sales Problem.

So, assuming you don’t have a Hiring Problem, what do you tell your Sellers, especially as they are coming to the end of a Quarter or Year? (I know not all of you are in this point in time, but everyone deals with it at some point)

As strange as it sounds, a return to Basics and Fundamentals is better than Hard Selling.  So, are your sellers doing the Right Things the Right Way at the Right time?

In many cases, if they are not, this should be your first point of Focus.

The word that I use on an On-Going basis is Execution.

When the Pressure is on, too many Sellers and Managers drop back to the Hard Sell/Hard Close Techniques.  In this time when the Power of Information is clearly in the hands of the Buyer, the old Selling Techniques Rarely Work.

Focus on the Fundamentals that I have discussed throughout this is Blog.

Focus on Fundamentals, and know that your Buyers are up to Date on every Trick in the Book, Sales Wise.  Don’t Fall into this Sales Trap!

Execute, Execute, and Execute.  Sellers that do this become the Top Sellers in their Organization, and that is a Consistent Outcome!

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