Sales Thought: Think about Not Selling – Return to Why/How/What!

One of most important things to understand if you carry “Sales” in your title is that you are one of many! There are a lot of people who carry a Sales title. So, as a sales person, you have to understand the role you play. You might not think about it as a role, but you do play a critical part.

Sales Thought: Your Role is to bring Value to the products you sell.

Now that might not sound all that complicated. Many sales people mistakenly believe the value of the product or service they sell is self-evident.

You are one of many who do this type of job. So here is some advice that may seem a little strange, but will definitely set you apart from others carrying a sales title:

Sales Thought: Try not selling!

Focus the Linkage between your Product/Service and what the client wants to accomplish. This is not that hard. BUT, it is harder than focusing on the fact the customer is Interested in what you sell.

Return to Why-How-What!

If you focus on the Why First, it will help you create a Real Relationship with the Customer. It is the opposite of Focusing on “What,” as in What You Sell- and even more than the “How?” as in how the Customer thinks they will address it. Elevate the conversation to the Why Level and you will learn many new things.

Nothing happens by Accident. It is all about the nature of things happening for a Reason- What reason is that on this Opportunity?

The earlier you Learn this, the more Value you can Create!

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