Sales Thought: The Lookahead – What will you do differently in 2016??

I know it is still mid December, and many of you are thinking I have lost it!

“There are still 15 Selling Days left in the year. I can’t worry about 2016 right now!”

Well, I strongly urge you to live in 2 Worlds at once. The world of Today and the World of 2016. I tell everyone in a Selling role that at the end of a Time Period you should have a focus on 3 Lists:

Stop – The Hardest list of all for Sellers

Why is the Stop List so hard? Sellers get mentally committed to a Transaction, it is really hard to get them out of their Commitment to the transaction.

So, for all Sellers: While you are Hopefully Closing your last Transactions of 2015, take moment to write down a the Start/Continue/Stop List and be honest with yourself:

“If if it did not work very well in 2015, why do you think it will in 2016?”

The Lookahead Exercise is best done BEFORE you get to January 1 of the New Year. Think about it, reflect on it, and then decide what you REALLY should be doing to Improve/Change your Results in 2016!

By the Way, the Lookahead is not an Exercise you owe anyone. It is not for your Manager, or another Boss, it is for You. At the end of the day, a Sales Person has control of only a few things. The way they spend Their Time- the 168 Hours that make up each week – is one of the Few.

Lookahead for Greater Success in 2016

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