Sales Thought: Sales moves at the Speed of Trust – What’s Next?

I have talked about “Sales Move at the Speed of Trust” before. Some of you may be reading this and saying “Yea, so what? They already trust me!”

So a Fair question to ask is if you feel that you are and others you are competing with are viewed as the same or Similar, how do you NOW Distinguish yourself?

Competing is harder and harder as you get into more competitive Sales Cycles and more Complex Sales.

Whether you are a New Seller or a Seasoned Professional, think about the Next Step you can take to Stand Out.

I say “Sales Move at the Speed of Trust” on that basis, what can you do to Advance yourself. Some Examples:

-Give your Customer A Reason to actually Trust You by offering something Extra in the Sales Process- something you don’t get paid for

-Focus on the Step “After” the Sale. What can you do to show your customer you are not just there to “Pitch a Product”

-Education: Is there something you know about the Product/Service you sell that you Can Advise the Customer of During the Sales Cycle?

Great Sellers are not focused on the First Sale: The want their Customers to be Customers for Life! You can’t always do it, but you can make sure that that you set the Customer Up the Next Time you want to sell them something!

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