Sales Thought: Do you want to Be Strategic of just “Sell Stuff?”

This is not a Right or Wrong. It is a Choice you make.

If you want to Sell, there are many different ways to sell and different versions of what Selling is. It is not easy to distinguish, but for the purposes of this conversation, it is about:

-Strategic Seller – have the Desire to be viewed as a Seller who brings Value to your Customer

-Deal Executioner – you focus on getting Deals done and you are focused on this.

Again, this is not a a Good or Bad Choice – or Right or Wrong Choice. You can be successful with either focus, but you have to decide what you want to do.

This can be based on You, Your Company, Your Focus, Your Goals, Your Industry- many different factors.

As An Example: I was asked to consult with several sales people from the same group, all of whom had been successful. They were then asked to put together their plans on a going forward basis.

“This isn’t a plan. It’s just how to get the next deal done! Where is the plan going forward?”

So as a Seller, it may be just that simple. If your Management has an Expectation of how you will operate, you can Work towards that Expectation.

I can talk about this topic through multiple posts. There are Choices to be Made.

I am sure Readers will have Opinions.

Are you a Strategic Seller or Deal Executioner?

Can you Be Both?

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