Sales Thought: Use the New Year to Examine Your Personal Sales Process – set New Selling Resolutions for 2016!

I have talked about Sales Process on and off in this Publication. While I don’t believe in New Year’s Resolutions, can we all believe in New Selling Resolutions to bring in the Year?

I realize that everyone is not on a Calendar Year in Business, BUT – all of us start every New Year with a Chance to Look at what worked well, what did not work well and what is in Process.

As a Professional Seller or Manager, Resolve to do this as 2016 gets rolling:

Based on 2015 Results Develop the Start – Continue and Most Importantly, the STOP list.

Stop is always the hardest because once a Seller is Engaged in something, it is Really Hard to get them to Stop. So, Many Sellers, Managers- Indeed Companies- will not give up on things they should have absolutely Stopped doing. The Lines are like a Bad Movie:

“I will get it this quarter I know I will!”
“Just one more Meeting will get them In!”
“If we bring an Executive in, that will do it!”

and list goes on and on!

Always remember 2 Rules regarding Change.

1. Einstein’s Definition of Insanity:

Expecting Different Results while doing the same thing Over and Over again.

2. My Personal Favorite – The Groundhog Day Rule:

Do you really want to live in Groundhog Day and live the same Day/Week/Month/Year doing the same thing Over and Over again?

Make the Personal Commitment make the Hard Decisions for yourself- or if you are in a position to do this as a Manager or Executive who sets Sales Process Rules- do if or your Company, Unit, Group, etc.

Its early 2016 – Let’s Resolve to make it Different than the past!

By the Way, Wishes are not Resolutions. Don’t waste your time Wishing for things to be the way they were. That is a waste of Mental Energy.

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