Sales Thought: It is about Value Creation in Selling – That is what Great Sellers Do!!

In this day and approached properly, selling and sales is less about “pushing product or Service” and much more about facilitating solutions to the customer’s key business issue!

The Sales Process is much less about having a great product, and much more about demonstrating Value to your customers. Why? Customers are much smarter and well versed in nearly all products for sale than they used to be. The amount of information available about products continues to expand almost daily.

Demonstrating value has everything to do with focusing on the customer. Learning the nature of the customer’s business needs will serve most sellers very well. Learning about the customer’s business demonstrates that you are interested in being of value.

Sales Tactic: Great sellers spend a minimum of 2 times the length of their scheduled meeting time with each customer in preparation mode. Preparation may include reviewing customer press releases that speak to what the customer is doing in the marketplace, job changes, new products and services, and new corporate directions.

The Biggest “Hidden in Plain Site” Item to focus on for Public Companies is the Investor Relations Section – Go to Events & Presentations – look when they have made presentations to their Investors or To Industry Conferences, they talk not about the Past but the Future – What they plan to do and How they are going to do it!

In an initial customer meeting, you have a very limited window of time to demonstrate value. I suggest you want foremost to demonstrate so the buyer that you are a “different” breed of sales person and unlike the last twenty they interacted with.

Of course your approach will be based on what you sell. If your product is designed to help a customer with their supply chain, come to the meeting with prepared questions focused on their Supply Chain.

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