Sales Thought: All Sales Must Pass the Intersection of Urgency/Importance & Why and Why Now!

You can think about the Q&A in a Sales Process in a lot of ways.  Two key points to uncover in a sale: “Who is responsible for achieving the goal within the customer’s organization?” and “How urgent is it to get done?”

In this focus area, it is about a clear understanding of things, from they using words to try to frame out the nature of things.  You make get an inquiry about your Product/Service.  One thing to remember: I don’t believe any Inquiry is a Coincidence.  Inquiries happen for a Reason.  Linking the Interest in your Product/Service to something that is Both  Important AND Urgent will give you the confidence that an Opportunity is real.

I encourage Sellers to focus on  WHO was responsible for achieving the Goal/Strategy and how URGENT achievement of the Goal/Strategy is to the organization.  The rest of the story is getting to the intersection of these two Important Issues:

  1. Ask questions to determine WHO owns the goal or business driver within the organization and is it Important to achieve it in a timely manner.

2.  How URGENT for the customer organization to resolve or achieve the goal?

Answering the WHO questions will allow you to focus your selling efforts on the right person within the customer organization.  Often, the people assigned the task of dealing with you are NOT feeling the same level of importance in Accomplishing  goal as the Who you need to identify.  Learning this Who and understanding this persons Why/ Why Now will greatly improve your chances of success.

Also, understanding the URGENCY of resolving the problem or achieving the goal will provide you a sense of timing and pace for working with the customer.

Answering both of these category of questions: WHO/ URGENCY – will help you understand the nature of Your opportunity. Failure to answer these questions would give you an incomplete understanding of the selling landscape.

If you continue to invest time in an Opportunity where these categories of questions remains a Mystery means that you could be investing in a “Science Project.”  They are Looking but have no intention of Actually Buying thing.

Seller Beware!

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