Sales Thought: Change the Game – Link Requested Capability to Business Provocation

Changing the Sales Game – successful sales people achieve The Link between the Requested Capability and “Real” Business Need.

You have identified a potential customer is in the market looking for a product that looks and behaves just like yours.  Or, someone has inquired and wants to Learn, Evaluate, Test, Review your Product or Service.  The real question you should ask yourself, and the most overlooked question by most sales people is “Why?”  “Why is the customer looking for the product in the first place?”

Discover the “business provocation.” Too People take “Interest” at Face Value.  Let’s think more carefully about it.  Unless you are selling some new “Hot” Product, the Business Issue the Prospect is trying to address has been around for a while.  Why and Why Now?  By going a level Deeper, you will be able to Link the Interest to something that has both Urgency and Importance attached to it.  I should also mention at this point that I don’t believe in Coincidence.  Real Interest happens for a reason.

Once you determine the Real Reason the customer is buying a product, then develop your value proposition to address these defined customer needs.

Nearly everything has both of both Urgency and Importance.  The sales professional must find the artful combination of importance and urgency that can serve as a value proposition and activate buyer behavior. The key is that it needs to be the right combination of importance and urgency as delivered to the right person!


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