Sales Thought: Make the Transition from Quarter to Quarter a Process!

…..And Not an Event.

Too many Sales Professionals make the transition from Quarter to Quarter into an Event.  They act like all things are to change, everything is new, etc.  This may be accompanied by the End of Quarter Special.

Somehow, we got the idea that it was Good to Turn the Quarter to Quarter transition into another Event.  The Problem with this is that Events have a way of Peaking and then everyone returns to Business As Usual.

That is why it is better, particularly in Sales, to avoid the Build Up into the “End Of Quarter.”  When you do this, it often leads to the Dreaded “Hockey Stick” ending of a Time Period that so many businesses find themselves in.  They close a majority of business at the end of a Quarter- then, the next week, start the entire process over again.

Instead, Develop Processes for your Own Activities that Lead to Improved Process Execution regarding Sales.  What this will do is to help you and your Customers to have a Better Experience in the next phase of the relationship.

Remember, in selling while the “Close” of the Sale is the most important to the seller, the long term “Value Gained” is  most important to the Buyer.

It begs the Question to Organization Owners: What kind of Sellers do you want to have working for you?


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