Sales Thought: Beginning of Quarter for most, and a time to Re-Focus on Execution. One Simple Question: What is your Plan?

Readers will remember what I have said in quarters past.  Sales Resources need 3 lists to begin “Time Period” of activity- could be a Month, could be a Quarter, and could be a year.

Sorry for not posting on 4/1, but had some Technical issues I just had and could not overcome.  So, this is the Beginning of the 2nd Calendar Quarter Post.

Sales People need to take a Hard look at what they have been doing look critically and create 3 Lists:

  • Start List: Things that you have not be been doing, perhaps either people in my company or my Industry have been doing or I have not been.
  • Continue List: Things that I have been getting results from and need to make sure that we continue doing.

The Hardest list of all….

  • Stop List: Things that I have been doing and need to stop doing.  Sales People are Notorious for NOT wanting to give up on things they are working on.  Because if they stopped on the ones they are working, they would have to find New things to fill the Pipeline.  So, this is a list where you have to simply say: ENOUGH.  Depending on what you sell, If keep Offering support on things that have been in Process for some time, you have to eventually say – ENOUGH.

No matter what pressure you are under to Close or Sell, great Sellers focus on spending their time as accurately as possible.

How will you spend your time in April?

What is your Plan?  To “Sell” or “Do My Job” is not a Plan.  Great Sellers have their time plotted out and ensure that that there is no Time wasted.

I ask agaion: What is your Plan?


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