Sales Thought: The Strategy for Handling Down Days

If you ever meet a Sales Professional who says they don’t have Bad Days, then either:

  1. They are Lying
  2. They are not Very Experienced

Of course, It does not mean that Sales Professionals walk around all full of Sunshine all the time.

Sales is hard.  Anyone who says it is not clearly does not sell for a living.  You are going to have bad days if this is your chosen Profession.

Much as it may sound like I am suggesting you Put Your Self in a Position to get hurt again, I am going to suggest what the True Sales Pros do:

“Whatever is not going well, Go back and Do MORE of that activity!”

If have been accused of suggesting that you Lean Into A Punch.  But being in sales is a unique vocation.  I prefer to think of it with these 2 analogies:

  1. A rider who has been thrown from a Horse getting back in the saddle.
  2. If you are in a car and you start to Spin out of control – Turn INTO The Spin

Selling is hard and you are doing to have bad days.  2 Common things that happen and how to respond:

-If you have customer call that does not go the way you expected and you are frustrated or upset, call another customer- right away!

-If a deal that was Supposed to close when you thought it was doesn’t close, work on another deal- right away!

The old saying “Time Heals All Wounds” is not true when it comes to selling.  Get right Back in and do the same activity again.

The Learning from the first experience will suit you well, and if this is your Profession, you will learn Fast!


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