Sales Thought: The Intersection of Importance and Urgency – Its NOT about Your Product!

I have brought up the notion of what separates Interest from Acquisition before.  It has Everything to do with understanding the Nature of Urgency and Importance.

The First Comment I will make is one to keep in mind: Its NOT about your Product or Service.  Sales People are typically well trained as it relates to the Product or service they sell.   The key to selling in the Era of the Educated Buyer is as Follows:

  • Importance: Who is it Important to?  Why is it Important NOW?  Why was not Urgent not last year?  Why can they then not wait next Year?
  • Urgency: Who is it Urgent to?  Why is it Urgent NOW?  Why not was it not Urgent last year?  Why can they not wait until next Year?

This may seem obvious but Sellers who Don’t take their questioning to this level of Abstraction are those that are dismayed to learn on the 15th of the last month of the quarter or That while their may have been “Interest,” Interest that is not based on Importance and Urgency is not useful to a Seller!

Above all, no matter how great a Product or Service you are selling, if you cannot Articulate- to yourself- the Nature of Urgency and Importance, I would not have the deal on a Forecast!  To do so means you are betting on “Hope.”  “Hope is not a Strategy”- Credit for that phrase goes to the late Great Rick Page.

A Seller can be very Busy- but What are you Really doing, if you cannot Articulate the nature of Importance and Urgency?  Burning your time and your company’s time…..

Doing What?  Being Busy for the Appearance of being Busy?  Really?

Its not how great your Product or Service may be.  Can the Customer- with help- draw the lines from your Offering to how it addresses something both Urgent and Important to your Customer?



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