Sales Thought: How to start the Next Sales Cycle – Each Case is Unique!

This is a topic I spend much time on.  Here is the Punch Line to the Title above:

It is NOT about selling the next Product or Service.

I know that you may think of that as an Oxymoron.  But the reality is that if you want to be a true Seller, you will NOT focus on selling them, particularly if you have just sold them.

Clearly, every client is different.  Here are a a few Scenarios to consider:

  1.  Just Sold the Customer their First Product/Service your company offers: In this situation, Not Selling is Very Important.  Have a Post sale “Event” that shows Your customer you are not there to sell them and sell them.  Make is the “Kick Off Meeting or Call.  You are there to thank them for their business, and to tell them you are going to be there to support them.  If what you sell involves more than one person to approve, make sure the people you have not met are invited.  They actually may show.  Why?  Because you are NOT selling them anything, it the Sale is done.  You can not start talking about how you are going to make them successful, and discuss the Future.
  2. Inherited an Account as a New Seller, and have just bought more.  Don’t fall in the trap of Selling Too much, Too Fast.  Focus on Relationship and Their Success First.  THEN, in most cases, Further Sales Will follow.
  3. Got an unhappy Customer to Buy More: Again, this is the time to Not Act like a Sales Person.  If you did the hard work of getting them to spend money, focus on the nature of where you can take them. Make sure that they understand where you have taken other customers.

In Simplest Terms: Selling is not always about Selling.  It can be about Relationship, Customer Success, and THEN the Road Map to Future Revenue.

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