Sales Thought: The Most Important Word in Selling: Learning

I have blogged on this before, but I am more focused on it now than ever.  In speaking to some young Sellers as well as Young Students, I found myself coming back to the old movie about Sellers “Glengarry Glen Ross.”  For the Younger Followers, it is the about Sellers in their Element- and in a very hard selling Environment- where you are on the phone Cold Calling People who may be interested in Property you have- but not likely.

And the Sales Manager, Brilliantly portrayed by Alec Baldwin, says (and I am paraphrasing here) “ABC, Always Be Closing.”  What follows is a litany of all the things that Closer do and have, such as “Coffee is for Closers.”

Well in the Year 2016, its not ABC – It is ABL:

Always Be Learning.

Technology continues to move at a Faster and Faster Pace.  This increases the Learning Sellers have to do to Keep Up.  Keep Up With What you ask?

  • Keep up with Other sellers – no matter your age, no matter you experience, you have to Learn Faster than other Sellers.
  • Keep up the latest Technologies.  They may not be directly related to what you sell, but your Buyer will Expect you to be up to speed on it
  • Keep Up with the latest Techniques in Selling.  What do you read, who do you talk with.  The say that we are the Sum of the 5 people we spend the most time with.  I maintain that you should spend more time with Great Sellers, no matter What they sell.

Its Very Simple.  Always Be Learning.  And for the Experienced Sellers who are reading, Just because you have done it and been successful, I can tell you that in Coaching Sellers, the Sellers I coach the most often are also the Best in their Field.  They always want Coaching, because to them, being Coached is a Form of Learning!

ABL – It is the Way of the Selling World!





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