Sales Thought: The only thing that is constant in Sales is Change! Now what do I do?

Change is the only Constant.  I am more sure of that than ever.

Great Sellers don’t hide from it and don’t complain about it.  They deal with it.  Is it easy?  No, Great Sellers don’t complain, and if they do it is only to people outside of the business.

Great Sellers find a way to take Change and make it into a competitive advantage.

A Few Examples – if Competitor hits you with:

  • Pricing Change: Don’t react to with a lower price.  Focus on Value that you bring
  • Product Feature Change: If a competitor changes or adds in a Feature, don’t respond directly.  Instead, focus on a Broader Sense of what you provide.

Also, Great Sales Leaders find a way to take Change and ensure that the team does not get Rattled, but finds a way to Motivate them despite the Change.

Since the only thing that is for sure is More Change, you a choice to make as a Seller or a Sales Leader:

  • Sellers: Be a Leader.  Become the person who the Change does not Fluster, does not complain, but helps themselves to use Change in how they do business.  Could be a Small Change in Procedure, or a change in how to position.  Great Sellers are the Model for others.
  • Sales Leaders: If you don’t act as a Leader, your team will find answers somewhere.  So, take advantage of Change and help them understand how they need to update their behavior going forward.  In any event, it will help you be more successful.  If Sales Leaders do not act like Leaders, it have a domino effect on the team.

Think about what you have gotten hit with.  How will you respond?



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