Sales Thought: Avoid Science Projects – They Do Not Pay The Bills!

In the era of Fast Moving Technology, certain Sellers seem to think that they are somehow in the Education business.  You are not!

The Key is to Recognize that you may get Wrapped up doing multiple Demonstrations for Customers.  Some Sellers validate this as part of their Job.  The focus needs to be on where this client needs to go and where you can take them.  Anything else is what I refer to as a “Science Project.”

Depending on who you work for or what you sell, you may get asked to do one or more Technology Demonstrations.

Be Careful!  Your Manager may ask the usual Qualification questions, like Budget.  The Next Level Down questions is where the REAL qualification comes out!

  1.  Does the Project Have Sponsorship from a Senior Executive and do we or other Vendors have access to that Sponsor?
  2.  Is the Project both Urgent and Important?  Is it  Urgent and Important the right people?
  3.  Does your customer have a Time-frame for getting this done, seeing Value from their Investment?
  4. Why Is it Important?  Why Now?  Why not last Year, why not next year?

If you as a Seller cannot answer these questions for yourself, you should ask one question:

As a Seller, am I spending my time in the right place or am I engaged in a Science Project?

Science Projects Do Not pay the bills!

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