Sales Thought: Execution is Everything! – Meaningful Execution- That Is

This may seem almost stupid to many of the current Blog Readers.  When I say Execution is Everything, people may look at me like with that look like “Of Course.”

However, having people get distracted with other words like: Product, Service, Interest, Promotion.  We sometimes are led to believe: “Because they are Interested in My Product or Service, that is Enough.”  No, it is not,  You My Execute to take Complete the Process.

As my Dear friend and World Class Facilitator Brett Boston (also the each reason that the Book “Sales Thoughts” Made it to being a Book!) likes to say, “In a Vacuum, Them with a Plan Wins!”  Very True.   Planning is Important, but Execution IS Everything.

The Most important part of having a plan is the Execution Phase.  Have it spelled out what you are going to and Great Plans are Built Top down, But Executed Bottom Up.  Think about it like this:

For Each Action: How does the Execution of this Action Support the Higher Level Objective, which supports a Goal?

If don’t know, you have an Execution Issue.  You may be “Doing” a lot of stuff, but it is easy to be business in the business of Sales, Sales Support, Marketing, etc.  It is a lot harder to be Executing in a Meaningful Fashion.

As you begin the 2nd Calendar Half of the Year, if you cannot Properly Execute with a Plan, you will be very Disappointed in your year!



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