Sales Thought: Reacting in Sales is often Bad – Execution is Everything!

The Title alone of this likely makes many of you Wonder!

Many Successful sales resources are focused on Reacting.  Reacting to customers, reacting to bosses, reacting to your company; that IS what some sales people do.

Unfortunately, it can really backfire.  As a sales professional, if you just keep reacting, it can have a number of negative effects:

  • The Customer will begin to expect that you will Always React, no matter the request.
  • You give away all of your Power to the Customer.
  • You lose the ability to Coordinate the Sales Process (Notice I did not say Control!)
  • Your Competition will know that you are taking this approach, and use it against you.

So, instead of Reacting, how about this as an approach:

  • Confirm that there is Reason to do what the Customer is asking of you
  • Question those Asking you the Key Questions:
    • Why is this Important?
    • Why is it Urgent?
  • Understand that every Item is part of a Plan of Execution

Remember this: Execution Is Everything.  It is not about Reacting, but about having a Plan and Executing the Plan.  If you don’t take this approach, there is no doubt you will be busy: But what does it really get you in the end?

It has been said before by my good Friend and Co-Author of my Book “Sales Thoughts,” Brett Boston: “In a Vacuum, Them With A Plan WINS.”

Having a Plan does not mean “Checking a Box.” It means having an Executable, Designed Plan, that will allow you to really ensure that you are not one of those Sales people who get to the end of each Time Period (Month, Quarter, Year) wondering why Revenue did not happen.  Tie your work back to a Higher Level of thought, and you will be more at ease if you do.

In Sales, Execution is Everything.  How will you Execute Today?

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