Sales Thought: The Transition from Close of Sale to next Sales Cycle is Critical!

How you handle the transition from the close of the sale to the next sales cycle is critical to setting up a long-term relationship with the client.

Clearly, the most important sales step is to get the initial sale completed and closed.  From the close of the deal, the relationship transitions from buyer-seller to customer-account. Good sales people know that to become truly successful, it is more important to stay connected to the new customer and clearly define the long-term relationship. The best way to do this is to focus on the Big Picture and set a long-term vision for how you can assist your client going forward!

Proper handling of the transition will determine if a longer-term relationship can be established between the sales person and the customer.

The Close is a time for determining and establishing your long-term role and value to the account. Keep in mind that it is always easier to expand the sale within an existing, satisfied customer that it is to find a new one. So don’t relax now, push forward and close with an exclamation mark.

The sales process should now be developed in such a fashion as to ensure and convey to the customer that there is both a short-term and long-term focus to the relationship.

A key Recommendation:  As you close each Transaction, he set up a social hour with the customer to thank them for their business. By doing this, the sales person sets a tone for future business. This social hour became a way for the sales person to ask more questions of the customer, and the customer, being in a social setting without the pressure of the “Deal” was much more open and relaxed with the sales person.

In many cases, Senior Executives who would not come will be there.  Why?  Because you are not selling anything!

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