Sales Thought: Especially if you sell for a Small Company- Execution is Everything


While there are Advantages to working for Small Companies, Customers have Expectations of how they will be treated.  No matter the size – the Customer usually expect to be treated the same by all Suppliers – Big and Small.

So, the comment here is just because you work for a Small Company, don’t act like it.

The Fastest way to not have success is to Act like you are Small, and cannot support your Client.  So, understand how your Competition does things.  You don’t have to Mirror everything they do, but it is too easy to Make Excuses as a Small Company when you are competing with a Big One.

Instead of making Excuses, establish Sales Processes that will really set you Apart.  The 3 major areas of Customer Enablement are:

  • Relationship Management:  Show the Customer that you will Invest Time NOT only during the Sales Process, but Describe to them How they will be treated when they are a customer.  The Best way to do this is – you guessed it! – with a Process for Relationship Management.
  • Road Map to the Future: Where can you help each Customer go?  This does not mean you try to sell everyone everything you have.  It is to demonstrate to your customer that you are in this for the long run.
  • Customer Success: How do you ensure that at the present time – on this project – you will Enable your Customer to be successful.

No matter the size Company, Every Company can Execute on these Items.  If you don’t, you will likely lose because you are Out Executed.

So for each Customer and Each Opportunity, can you say to yourself that you will not be Out Executed?  If you focus on Execution, you will be successful in Sales.

Act Big Even if you are small.  Execution is Everything!

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