Sales Thought: In this day and age, Team Sellers are better suited than Lone Rangers for Consistent Success!

Sellers, regardless of the type of Selling, have traditionally been thought of as “Lone Rangers.” or “Commandos.”

Sellers are charged with Bringing in Revenue, and they are to do it in the best Manner Possible.

However,the Changes in Selling have made it more complex than it ever has been.  As such, the individual seller typically needs much more support to the most Important thing in Sales Today:

Out-Execute the Competition

It has less to do with having Great Product than ever before.  It is not that your product is not Great, but in most Industries, the Barrier to Entry has been dropped.  So, there are many products out there in most categories.  This brings up that word again:


When working with a Potential Customer, Execution Comes in 3 major Categories:

  • Relationship
  • Road map to Revenue
  • Customer Success

Can one Person do all of these things?  Likely not WELL.  You can do one thing or another.  But not all 3.  I would encourage you to think about working within the Framework of team.   Or, Said More Simply:

In Most Sales situations of 2016, Control is an Illusion.

What most Great Sellers do is to Focus on Coordination.  With Coordination comes a Lot more Getting done more successfully.

My Experience is that more Success is achieved by Team Coordinators Vs Commandos – in 2016!


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