Sales Thought: Take the Road Less traveled for more Success

In focusing on Sales Enablement, it is would be easy for me to focus on the things everyone does.  My focus today is on the Topic “The Road Less Traveled.”  What I mean by this is that it may by not focusing on the same steps as everyone else, it may result in more Opportunity.

While there are steps that are often referred to as “Tried And True,” I challenge Sales Professionals Not to get caught up in the same strategy as others.  Instead, take Different Steps that will often result in the same thing being done, but from a Different Angle of Attack.

Moves like this fly in the face of Conventional Wisdom, and that is why they work.  It is not the same as the “Standard” method.  It make be somewhat controversial.  However, what it will do is that it may result in Buyers taking notice of you in a different fashion.  This often helps companies that may not be as well-known get a different or better profile than their bigger competitors.

So, Effect Change: Change the Sales Cycle, Change the Evaluation Criteria, Change the Game.  In most cases, unless you are a dominant player in your  Market, it is a good thing to do.  So, consider what you can do: and it may not be what is being asked of you.

Make sure that you go down a different Path: The Road Less Traveled.

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