Please join me for my new radio show and podcast “Sales Execution Optimization – the NEW SEO”

Join me for my new radio show and podcast “Sales Execution Optimization – the NEW SEO”

Monday at 1 PM Pacific Time on VoiceAmerica Business Channel

Sales Execution Optimization is about helping people everywhere feel more confident about where they going in Business. Everyone sells “something.” The people who are most successful are those that have a plan to be successful.

There are those that either through title or role are selling today. Some are selling and don’t even realize they are. People who are struggling to get their message or vision of their product or service across are the people we are really speaking to on this show.

Each week my guests and I gives tips that you can start to utilize in your sales role to succeed. Sales Execution Optimization: the NEW SEO is broadcast live every Monday at 1 PM Pacific Time on the VoiceAmerica Business Channel.

My goal on this podcast is to dramatically lift your sales game.

Two reliable studies (Harvard and Gallup), found that 4% of the sales people in the U.S. sell 94% of the goods and services. Other, less dire studies indicate that 15% of all sales people are doing 70% of the selling. Either way you look at it, most sales people are not as good as you are. And there is one major reason….  Lack of planning!

This podcast tells you how and what to plan. It provides key points on upping your game with tips to extend your longevity as a sales pro.

Most sales people fail to understand that selling is a long-term investment in understanding your customers’ needs and investing time in building strong customer relationships.

You have to demonstrate that your customers are buying more than your product; they are buying your expertise and commitment to help them solve problems.

Listen in to learn how to become a trusted business advisor to your clients through some basic sales planning strategies.

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