Sales Thought: Sales and The Art of The Story

On my Voice America Radio Show on October 31, one of the true Legends in Sales Enablement, Mike Bosworth, talked to us about Sales Story Telling.    I would encourage you to look at what Mike talks about on his site:

If you want to go back to hear the Podcast:

The key thing to understand is that we are not talking about Telling Stories in terms of Making things up.  We are talking about Focusing on making the Connection with a Buyer, and Story is an Ideal way to do it.  Now, you can’t just start out telling you a story; Buyers have to earn the right to do this.

Telling a Story is rarely going to be well received unless you have made the effort to really understand your potential Buyer.  If you don’t do this, the Buyer will likely not react well.  It is about earning the Buyer’s Trust enough even with a Story, you will not make a Connection.

Once the Buyer understands that you are a person of Character who has learned enough about the business to be Credible, one approach may be to tell them about another person in a similar Title who you helped with what May be an issue that your potential Buyer is having.

This can be the lead in to setting a Vision with your buyer, and is based on your ability to make sure by the time you utter these words, your pretty sure of the outcome of the conversation:

“What if you were able to address the (Issue) and save yourself hours of time in the process?  Would that be of interest to you?”

From this comes the notion of Vision Setting.  By Setting a Vision that is very hard your competitor to emulate, it helps make the Evaluation much more difficult for your competitor to win.

Vision Setting is NOT about trying sell a lot of your product or Products.  It is about getting your Potential Buyer to look at you Differently, and realize that are you are taking him Exactly where He or She wants to go!


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