Sales Thought: Understanding where you are from a Sales Process Perspective

We had a great Guest on the Radio Show Yesterday, talking about how to diagnose where you are from a Sales Process and/or Methodology perspective.  You have to decide where you are before you can know where you going to go.

You can listen to it or any of the prior shows via the Link above.  Any of you who listen in, always happy to take your calls or inquiries at or via phone at 866-472-5790.  We were very happy to have Rick Nichols, the Managing Partner of TechCXO –  We were talking about how you determine where you are from a Sales Process Perspective.  The Highlights include:

-Where is your Organization today:

  • Are you Aligned with your Buyer today?  Is your Selling process based on how your buyer likes to Buy?
  • In you Selling Process do you have the process set to so that as you proceed, each step is tied to Verifiable Outcomes that will happen in the Process
  • Do you have a Process that is the proper combination of Practical and Lightweight Elements?

-What elements should every organization have:

  • You need Reporting that is the appropriate combination of Measurement and Management, and focus along the Value Chain Continuum
  • What are the appropriate Roles & Responsibilities and are the applied Efficiently and Effectively
  • Don’t confuse Pipeline Management with Forecast Management
  • Determine the 3 to 6 Items you want to measure.

-Walk Away Ideas – Anyone can take these steps:

  • Make sure your Review and Selection of Process is not a “Flavor of the Day” but more likely “Clapton’s Greatest Hits.”
  • Determine Your Measurements early and Stick with them.
  • Ensure that you are prepared to establish Discipline in every thing you do
  • Make sure everyone from Top of the Organization to Bottom, is Bought in and will follow the process

Rick and I discussed these Items and more.  By the way, no matter where you are in the world and no matter what you Sell or Market, the ideas we discussed will bring value to you!

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