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Sales Thought: Podcast on Motivating Sales Teams


Daily Sales Thoughts Followers:

This Podcast from a Radio Interview I did talk about how to Motivate a Sales Team!


Sales Thought: Sellers who prosper have a strategy to focus on what Really Matters!

As a Seller, do you have a strategy to determine what  really matters to you?

Or are you you just going from what Activity to the next?

I find Sellers often just “Do Things” that seem to make sense at the time, but they don’t have a Higher Level Mission.

While a very broad question, it is important to consider different Angles of Attack.  I few ideas in support:

  • -Make a great living to support my family
  • -Make a helping people/companies improve their business
  • -Help other people in my company achieve their goals

I am going to hit you with one that I don’t think many people get:

Plan to Make a Difference, Have Fun, and Blaze new Trails

Let me break down each area:

  • Make a Difference: Do you believe in what you are selling, and so you think it will make a difference?  Or, is it all about the Money?  That may not be a great place long term
  • Have Fun: If you believe in it, you will have Fun in nearly all cases.  If you are making a Difference, you will likely be doing it in part because you are having Fun.
  • Blaze New Trails: Do New things, different things, and find out new things along the way.   Sales in 2016 is not “Always Be Closing.”  It is “Always Be Learning.”

If this set of concepts makes sense to you, While Supporting your family, helping companies/people, and helping people in your own Company, you will likely be great in any Type of Selling you want to do!